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Hypnobirthig-Hypnosis for childbirth

Hypnobirthing facilitates shorter, easier, less painful and more in-control birth. The baby is usually born more calm, the attachment between mom and child is often better and there is less potential for trauma when giving birth through Hypnobirthing.


A testimonial i received from a lady who had Hypnobirthing with me:

"Devori worked through the hypnobirthing process with me with kindness and patience. She gave me the gift, not only of being able to manage my early labour, and the experience after my epidural wore off, but also of being able to enjoy my pregnancy, as I had been previously frozen in fear. I was able to confidently deal with early labour, to feel in control of the situation, to feel excitement, to be able to laugh and work through the contractions, without feeling the terror and fear I had experienced previously and come to expect. The effect that this therapy had on me was absolutely transformative and has had an enormous effect on the first few months of my baby’s life so far. I have been able to relax and enjoy this special time, which I believe is a direct result of a calm birth experience. It has also impacted on my overall parenting as I have been able to use the tools Devori taught me to relax myself, stay patient and also to find a place of calm in stressful situations. I highly recommend this therapy prior to birth and I cannot recommend Devori enough. Her compassion, understanding and sensitivity, coupled with this wonderful therapy, enabled me to have the most pleasant experience I could have hoped for." From Alexa Harli (real name).

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