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All lectures include multi-media and interesting demonstrations

Lectures have been delivered in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban (South Africa), Miami, Coral Springs, Monsey, New-York (USA), Jerusalem, Beitar, Benei-Brak and Elad (Israel)

I often speak to groups of 150-300 people.

All lectures/workshops can be split into smaller sections.

Valued and informative feedback from participants can be found at the bottom of the page


Lectures about self-growth and evolvement:


1. Who am I?- How to understand my personality better

Our personality is made up of different parts. Some of these are resourceful and some can sabotage our growth. Understanding the parts of your personality and each of their functions will empower you to amplify the desirable parts and shrink the maladaptive parts. Examples of resourceful parts are: your inner strength, your inner wisdom, your nurturer part, your friendly part… Examples of maladaptive parts are: instant gratification, the depressed part, the anxious part, the critical voice part, the peoples’ pleaser part, the insecure part, the perfectionist part, the OCD part… Participants leave this session with practical tools on how to strengthen their own and their significant others’ resourceful parts.

The session is followed (time permitting) by an optional hypnosis session for inner strength building (the entire audience is put into a hypnotic state together and they are welcome to record me. Since this is not “stage hypnosis”, but rather “medical hypnosis”, no one loses control!).

(3-hour lecture)


2. How to externalise stressors and traumas that are stuck in the cells of the body

This lecture is especially experiential and memorable with full audience participation. It is divided into two parts:


Part One: In this part of the lecture, I prove that cellular memory of events does exist. These memories affect us on a physiological and emotional level. I tell miraculous stories of people who have used this method and how they have rid themselves of tics and other physiological and emotional problems relatively quickly. I further explain how this cellular imprint takes place and how to let go of the unwanted cellular memories so that one can feel free and heal.

(1-hour lecture)

Part Two: A-step-by step practical guide and exercises that assist in freeing the body and calming down the nervous system. Participants are also equipped with tools on what to do in moments when they feel out of emotional balance. This session makes use of the brain stem as well as the body to achieve self-regulation. After this lecture, participants reported how the exercises freed them from long standing distress.

(2-hour lecture/workshop).


3. Positive and negative self-talk and mistaken beliefs

This lecture deals with one’s internal communication and it is divided into four parts:

Part One: In this lecture, I focus on three parts of the personality that cause negative self-talk and as a result, throw one out of emotional balance. Participants learn to recognise their voices, as well as how to “answer them back” and how to minimise their power. This session involves role modelling, interesting media and exercise.

(1 ½ hour lecture/workshop)

Part Two: Each participant receives a questionnaire that detects mistaken beliefs which may exist in her subconscious and which cause insecurities and anxieties. This serves as an eye-opening exercise. Thereafter, participants score their questionnaire and learn useful, corresponding affirmations which aim at correcting the problematic beliefs.   

(1-hour workshop)

Part Three: An amazing hypnosis session (optional), which reinforces the externalisation of negative, non-congruent messages about ourselves that come from our environment.

(1/2 hour)

Part Four: An optional and very enjoyable creative activity which reinforces all the new messages and the learning acquired in the workshop

(1/2 hour)


4. Social skills: How to be assertive as opposed to being aggressive or a people pleaser

Assertiveness is a much-needed social skill, which facilitates the ability to ask for what you need, to express what you feel and to refuse a request when necessary, without hurting people’s feelings. This is a common social skill that people seem to struggle with. When people need something from another person, or at a time of conflict, they often assume the role of the “aggressive part” or the “people-pleaser’s part”. This session together with interesting media, role-play and exercise, aim at strengthening one’s assertive part, which serves as the right approach in most cases.

 (2-hours lecture/workshop)


5. “Inner peace in the modern world” - “how to achieve inner peace at times when people without anxiety/depression are the exception” The holistic approach

This lecture contains 18 steps which facilitate a fuller, happier, more balanced life, with lower levels of stress and reduced negative emotions. This lecture serves as a practical guide on how one can help oneself or one’s child to either stay in an emotionally balanced state or get out of depression or anxiety.

The session is followed by an optional hypnosis session for relaxation and for achieving inner-peace.

(1 ½ -hour lecture/workshop)


6. The 6 steps for an immediate release of anger, stress, fear or frustration

Situations of anger, stress, worry or frustration, present a challenge when one needs to deal with others in a respectful and patient manner. This lecture will equip the participant with a “tool box” of six useful techniques, that bring about immediate emotional and physical balance. People particularly love the anger releasing techniques. They find that this release brings them substantial healing. This lecture is based on techniques such as the EFT tapping technique, somatic experiencing, breathing techniques and other practical exercises which enable the person to regain balance in a short space of time.

(2-hour workshop)


7. Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique which enables the person, through deep relaxation, to connect with her internal world, and to seed important messages into the subconscious. In hypnosis, one can work on challenges such as weight loss, nightmares, self-esteem and more. During this session, I teach participants how to get themselves into a ‘relaxation state’ and how to send needed messages to the sub-conscious.

(1-hour workshop)


8. Counselling skills

How to be a good listener. How to contain the people who share their emotional experiences with us. How to respond correctly when people need emotional support, without dismissing their feelings, preaching, rescuing, questioning, pitying, or giving the wrong advice in the wrong manner. Practical and enriching.

(3-hour workshop)


Dealing with children and teens:


1. How do I connect to my child’s emotions?

This lecture deals with healthy communication between parents and children/adolescents. This lecture is informative and practical, taking parents through typical ‘incorrect responses’ to children’s sharing of emotions or complaints. The aim of the lecture is to equip the parent with a more useful response, one which is therapeutic for the child. This will encourage the child to share more with the parent in the future and it facilitates more cooperation from the child. The parent will learn how to be the child’s ‘coach’. In this lecture, I teach the basic structure of the correct response. This session includes role-play. Participants leave this lecture feeling hopeful, filled with tools for a new and improved relationship with their children and teenagers.

(3-hour workshop).


2. How to encourage children’s cooperation without resorting to shouting and hitting

This session focuses on the concepts and practical ideas of positive reinforcement, boundaries and assertiveness as opposed to corporal punishment, shouting and other forms of punishment. When approaching children correctly, they learn to be more responsible, and to accept boundaries. However, raising children through negativity, may turn the parent into the “enemy”, as well as creating in the child feelings of anger and a need for revenge. This lecture includes role play.

(1-hour lecture/workshop)


3. How to use art as a tool in strengthening self-esteem in children (for moms, teachers and therapists)

Using art in therapy is a powerful tool as it makes use of our limbic system (the feeling brain) where the subconscious resides. Art serves as a quick entry to painful places. Art can can assist in bringing healing to our negative beliefs about ourselves, to our negative emotions and to self-sabotaging behaviour. This is a practical workshop with many demonstrations, as well as (time permitting) allowing participants to create some of the art themselves.

(1-2-hour workshop)


4. How grandmothers can be supportive and help their grandchildren build their self-esteem

Grannies can be a real asset in their grandchildren’s’ lives! I’ve had so many clients where the only person who has been supportive of them was their gran. This session is a practical session, teaching grans how to be good listeners, how to contain the grandchildren, what to do with them when taking them out and what activities to do with the grandchildren indoors in such a way that the child’s self-esteem is strengthened.

(4-hour workshop)




Therapists training according to the “SHIP model”

I have developed a treatment model for the treatment of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma and anger. This treatment model uses the following modalities: cognitive behaviour therapy, creative, expressive art in therapy, hypnosis and somatic experiences (removing trauma from the cells of the body). This model assists the client in reaching his/her goals in a relatively short space of time. This model aims at healing the “inner child”, as well as providing practical tools that can assist the client with current and future challenges. This model has shown to be significantly beneficial. I have used it with hundreds of clients, with a high rate of success, so much so, that I have written my doctorate on the basis of this model. This training workshop is 30-40 hours long, depending on the material covered.  

(3-4 hours a day for 10 days)


Living Life with Meaning:


1.The bigger picture

More often than not, the way the world is run, seems to be so unfair! This may bring about anger and frustration. A deeper look into some Kabbalistic concepts and stories may help people reach a deeper understanding. This, at times, may assist people to connect with their inner wisdom and in calming down the “angry inner-child”. This awareness can bring about more inner-peace and acceptance, if not all the time, then some of the time.

(1-hour lecture)


2.The attitude of gratitude

The power of thanking G-d for the food we eat and the evolvement it brings to our physiological, emotional and spiritual selves.

(1 -hour lecture)

3. Life lessons from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (1-hour lecture)

4. Life lessons from Rabbi Akiva (1-hour lecture)

5. Life lessons from King David (1-hour lecture)

6. Life lessons from Rabbanit Kanievsky (1-hour lecture)

7. Life lessons from Rabbanit Leah Cholack (Head of Ezer Mitziyon) (1-hour lecture)

8. Life lessons from the Megillah of Ruth (1-hour lecture)



The Feedback I received from my lectures in Israel.

These are all translations of the originals:

Per request, I have left out most of the names of those who provided feedback, as well as the institutions where the lectures were given. However, where necessary I can supply contact details.

Dear Dvori.
I participated in the last course which you gave in the seminary, and I felt that I came in one person and left a different one. It was incredible to discover how many parts we are made up of, and how our amazing brain works. It was fascinating to become acquainted with the inner structure of our brain, from the brain stem to the emotional and rational part. I connected especially with the description of the different parts of the personality - and I feel that I now know myself much better. You were riveting; your stories were so completely alive that I felt I was a part of them. The interaction with the audience was unique, to the degree that women opened themselves up in a way that totally surprised me. You succeeded in moving us, surprising us, and making us familiar with a new world of concepts which we had not previously met. After the lecture about the correct modes of responses to our children - I can tell you that the style of response in our home changed and is still changing. I can sum it up in three words: you were professional, fascinating and unique. I was left curious and looking forward to the lecture which we missed because of the snow, but I was consoled by the fact that they promised to make it up to us. As far as I’m concerned, I’m already signed up for the next course, now I just have to wait for you to come back. On a personal note, your lessons touched a deep spot in my heart, and left me with a desire to try it out for myself…


Dear Mrs. Dvori Blumenau!
I was fortunate enough to participate in your wonderful course ‘To Speak to the Self’, at XXX. The two mornings in which I was able to participate were admirably full of content. The wealth of information was given over, on the one hand, in a very clear way, and on the other, fascinatingly. The dozens of women who appeared on time, drank your words thirstily and did not require any recess through the many hours will attest to this. The means of illustration very much enhanced the internalization of the subject matter. The accompanying material, which you generously allow to be passed on for use, has already served me in my work with clients and brought blessing in my work. ‘Clients’ as opposed to ‘patients’- a new concept which I learnt from you, reflects your respect to people, which is also clearly visible in the way you related to someone who came late to your lecture, to audience asking questions as well as to different methods of treatments and more. Throughout the course, your professionalism, wealth of knowledge, great variety of methods and no less, your humanity, sensitive personality and good heart that wants to help stood out. This was a real merit for me…with much gratitude and thanks and with wishes that you continue to be the right messenger to bring people light and healing. From my appreciative part, the grateful part, the part who enjoyed your lecture, the learner part and from the very impressed part!


To you, very dear Mrs. Dvori Blumenau!

I, too, sat among the many women on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and listened eagerly to your words. I wasn’t able to traverse the circle of women that surrounded you at the end of each lecture in order to thank you directly, so maybe this way, electronically would work…I want to thank you very, very much for being a messenger of G-d to benefit me at exactly the right time…Your lectures left an imprint on me, helped and enlightened me on my journey, and added more dimensions, depth and significant insight to my life. And most importantly - observing your own noble personality, rich spirit and how your core influenced and strengthened my core. I wish you wholeheartedly that you merit to continue benefiting many others with your own goodness, and may the Merciful Father in heavens light up your way with the light of His countenance, and pour out much Heavenly assistance on you - always in health, a happy heart and serenity.

I am very grateful and thank you once more.


Dear Dvori, you are simply incredible! Beyond your rich and wide-ranging professional knowledge, dramatic talent, the ability to give over the information in a way that is both clear and fascinating - you have a spirit of endless giving within you, and your personality radiates love. May you continue to do great things in the world…Thank you for everything, and looking forward to a continuation!
With love, XXX, Group coordinator and movement therapist.


Dear Dvori Blumenau,
We wanted to thank you and to express appreciation and admiration for the lecture which you gave in January. About 250 retirement age women attended and we enjoyed a unique, professional and fascinating lecture. Your method of delivery, in which you truly live what you say, together with your practical experience, proved themselves, and gave us tools for a calmer life.

Thank you again and well done!
Pensioner Coordinator.


Dear Dvori,
I wish to express, with these lines, my genuine appreciation for the incredible work done with knowledge, exceptional understanding and the correct outlook on life. The unique method which you developed is good and successful. It is ground-breaking for effective emotional therapy. May G-d let blessing rest in your useful work and may you merit to help many more people find their personal way into their own emotional worlds. Sincerely, Chaya Elboym,

Developer of the EHT Method and a certified emotional therapist.


I participated yesterday and two days ago in the course in Seminary XXX.
It was very powerful! Thank you very much for the energy you transmitted to us during those hours.


Dear Dvori

I wanted to share with you that I had planned to go to a psychiatrist and to get a prescription for medicine that could support me, because I felt incapable of going on on my own. I know that nowadays it’s possible to get medication easily. But after the emotional cleansing which you did for us during yesterday’s lecture, I felt such a special connection within myself, and this morning I got up with renewed strength and with the feeling that all I need is emotional therapy just like yours. I have never taken psychiatric medication and I don’t think I need it now either…
I thank you very much, because now I know exactly what I need.


I heard you in Beitar and I enjoyed it very much! It’s a pity it was short - I wanted more.

Dear Dvori. It’s so good that you come to Israel, so that its citizens can also enjoy the incredible gifts which G-d has given you! As in the summer, so too now I come away amazed by the rare combination of a sensitive and generous heart with a sharp mind. The wealth of knowledge, the vast experience, the expertise and the incredible talents in a wide range of domains, together with the desire to influence and to give, turn the learning into a unique experience, and for this I thank you. In prayer that we merit to be faithful messengers and to make our Creator proud,
In appreciation and blessing, XXX.


Dear Dvori We are still under the influence of your special lecture. You enlightened us; we came out with new things to think about, insights, and many tools. The principal said to me, “It was powerful!”


Thank you for undertaking the long journey and everything involved in order to help us meet our inner worlds. You gave of yourself for the sake of this goal. With great appreciation, XXX.


My name is Yafit Laniado. I am a native of Israel who has been living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, for the past twenty-two years. I came with my family for a vacation in January, and immediately noticed Dvori’s ad. I sat hypnotized during the lectures, soaking up every word. I was particularly impressed with the practical terms and techniques which she suggested... The combination of her vast knowledge as well as her shiny personality, gives her the very special title of a highly qualified and impactful therapists.

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