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I am registered as an educational psychologist with the HPCSA.

After I qualified as a therapist, I studied ego state therapy and hypnotherapy for 7 years. I am a registered International Ego State therapist and hypnotherapist with the Milton H. Erickson Institute of South Africa.

My PhD (Doctorate) was about:


If you are interested to read it then check out the relevant page.

A bit about the PhD:

Three adolescent girls joined the study. All three of them struggled with major depressive symptoms as well as with low inner-strength. After nine sessions, as is evident from the study, all three participants significantly improved within their depressive symptoms as well as within their inner strength. A year after the completion of the research, all three participants were still doing much better than before their participation in the research, despite their adverse life circumstances. 

"Ego states" are parts of our personality. This should not be confused with "multiple personality disorder". We all have many different parts as we all need to fulfill many different roles. Ego state work is powerful and effective. It works deeply and quickly. This therapy can be performed in or out of hypnosis. Ego state work consists of, firstly, identifying and amplifying the resourceful parts of the personality, such as the inner strength, the inner wisdom, the inner love and the nurturing part. In the next phase the parts of the personality that cause pain or contain pain need to be identified. The therapist also needs to  identify other maladaptive parts that are related to the presenting problem. These parts could include the self- sabotaging part, the instant- gratification seeking part, the lazy part, the perfectionist part, the OCD part, the insecure part, the critical voice part and more. In the next phase, the therapist needs to negotiate the fulfillment of  more adaptive roles with the maladaptive parts. She then needs to integrate all the parts in  order to bring peace as well as healing to the entire personality that was divided and that was in a state of dispute. The next phase facilitates the most powerful experience of all: "The Corrective Experience" for the biggest traumas or difficulties the client experienced during his/her life. At the end of  this session, people walk out of therapy feeling relieved and  "free". 

I have received training in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).

I have been trained in “Somatic Experiencing” which means moving the trauma from the cells of the body through physical movements and the activation of the sympathetic nervous system in “frozen” places of the body.

I have studied creative expressive arts and how to implement the many different kinds of art into therapy. These include: painting, drawing, therapeutic cards, sand-tray work, drama, story telling, puppet shows, clay work, poetry and other forms of creative work that specifically assist in inner strength building. 

I have studied EMDR through the international EMDR institute.  

I am involved in presenting courses/workshops to teachers, parents, therapists, principals and support groups at conferences, seminars, schools and private homes, as can be seen from "my lecture" page.

I have contributed to magazine articles on topics relating to trauma and abuse, holistic health, parenting and ADHD.

I have spoken on radio various times on the following topics: the holistic approach to dealing with depression, the holistic approach to dealing with anxiety, self esteem building, inner strength building, ego state therapy, self awareness, healing trauma and more.

I have been interviewed on DStv on the home channel 176 on the topic of teens’ challenges and specifically how to help them with anger.

As a teacher by profession, I have taught over 1000 learners aged 6-17, over a period of 11 years. I have also worked in adult education. I studied nutrition under the tutelage of Mary-Ann Shearer in order to approach emotional challenges holistically. While working and studying, I have been involved in many forms of community service.

I am currently training therapists overseas in my unique method and framework that I have devised for treating depression, anxiety, insecurities, anger and trauma.

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