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Dr Dvori's Practice (online and face to face) 050-9159366

Dr Dvori Blumenau 


BA Hons (Psych) (Unisa) M.Ed (Psych) (U.J.) PhD (U.J.)

International ego state therapist and Hypnotherapist  (Meisa)

Creative Expressive Art; EMDR; Somatic Experiencing; CBT; DBT; Hypno-birthing

Pr. 0424684

International speaker

International therapists' trainer 

לעברית נא לפתוח דף הבית הנראה למעלה

“Dvori Blumenau is an internationally certified Ego State therapist. She was one of my most dedicated students and I can certainly recommend her. She is an experienced therapist, thorough and dedicated to her clients. Despite her vast experience she still regularly attends training workshops to enhance her skills and to stay up to date with the latest theoretical developments within the field of psychology and psychotherapy”.

Dr. Hartman  Past-President of Ego State Therapy International (ESTI)

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Interview on Chai FM - Dvori Blumenau
Interview on Chai FM - Dvori Blumenau
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Hi everyone and welcome to my website

I am so excited to share with you the work that I do, which proved itself to be highly effective (whether online or face to face) based on the ongoing feedback that I keep receiving from clients, from parents (if the client is a child) and from doctors that refer clients to me.

For example: “Dr Dvori Blumenau is an extraordinary professional that stays on the leading edge of her expertise. It is always inspiring and uplifting to experience her dedication and care in every aspect of her therapy. I always see results from her therapy as she has helped every patient we shared, tremendously” I am grateful to have met Dr Devori  through my practice and now through therapy with my own family and have seen wonderful results. Dr Lara Beguin.


Other than conventional talk-therapy, I also have programs for different ages and for different issues. Their length is case dependent. 


For teens and adults:

  • A weight loss program (which includes a highly specialized hypnosis for those who are interested in hypnosis, no loss of control) - approximately 10 sessions

  • Inner strength building (a confidence booster) - approximately 12 sessions

  • Relationships - case dependent

  • OCD - between 10 - 40 sessions

  • Chronic pain - between 10 - 30 sessions

  • Bipolar - approximately 20 - 40 sessions you will feel a shift after a few sessions and a big difference at the end.

  • Depression - between 10 - 40 session

  • Hypno-birthing 6 sessions

  • Fibromyalgia - between 20 - 40 sessions

  • Menopause - mood, weight control, skin care and beauty 10 - 20 sessions

  • Parenting course - 6 sessions


For all ages:

  • Exam stress - between 5 - 10 sessions

  • Trauma - between 1 - 10 sessions unless it is a case of multiple traumas.

  • Anxiety - between 1 - 40 sessions

  • Anger - between 2 to 10 sessions

  • Grief - between 1 - 5 sessions

  • Phobia - fear of flying, animals, driving…between 5-20 sessions

  • Sexual abuse - between 7- 40 sessions

  • Sleep Hygiene - 2 sessions

  • Eating disorders - case dependent

  • Addictions - case dependent


For children:

  • Children’s safety - 2 sessions

  • Bed wetting between 5 - 10 sessions (also for older people)

  • Soiling 5 - 20 sessions

  • Inner strength building - approximately 10 sessions

  • Social skills between 6 - 12 sessions

  • A thorough emotional assessment- 5 sessions (a session with the parents, 3 sessions with the child/adolescent, and a feedback session with parents). Can be done online


I developed the SHIP Model for the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and anger. I used it with many clients and it proved itself to be successful over and over again. I then, decided to base my Doctorate on it. In this way, the model was proven to be effective from a scientific point of view. With this model I use all three of our brains, the brain-stem, our survival  brain, the limbic system, our feeling brain and the cortex, our rational brain. due to its success, I am currently training therapist in using the model. 

S -  Self-awareness

H - Hypnosis and creative-art for inner-strength building

I - Inner-child work, healing and integrating the different parts of the personality and the corrective experience

P - Practical guidance


What methods do I use in therapy?

I believe the aim of therapy is to heal the inner child and give tools and skills for life in the present and the future, through a cost effective and fun manner when possible, with noticeable results from the early stages of therapy. Therefore, I chose to use the modalities below, which are all outcome based. I combined them in a unique way which formed the model. The sessions themselves are all based on principles of these modalities, however, they are all original and each one is impactful in its own right. 

Play, drama therapy, music therapy, story telling and art in therapy is what I do with children and young teens, who experience anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, aggression, depression, low self-esteem, OCD, social issues, anger management and more. This takes between 5 sessions to a year of therapy as it is case dependent. I also work with children online.

In therapy I use: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Creative Expressive Art, Somatic Experiencing, DBT and EMDR.


I do not use all these therapies with all clients. clients need to connect to the therapy too.

Most of these modalities do not rely on ‘talk therapy’. Language is a function of the left brain, the rational brain, However, it is the right brain, the emotional brain, which is more connected to the subconscious, where the source of the stress or the trauma resides. Most of the treatment modalities mentioned above allow for easy access to the right brain and the subconscious, which makes therapy more concise.

Emotional assessments: This allows the parents to understand what is happening in their child’s subconscious mind and what needs to happen in order for the child to heal. I can also perform assessments on Zoom, as long as the child is over 6 years of age.

A brief explanation of the therapeutic modalities I use:

Cognitive Behaviour therapy assists the client to recognize faulty thinking patterns and replace it with more adaptive thought patterns.

The Hypnotherapy I use is called “Ego-State hypnosis” which means, dealing with sub-personalities under hypnosis. Everyone’s personality is made up of different parts, most of which are useful, but some of which are maladaptive. The maladaptive parts are those which cause the challenges. The aim of this therapy is to achieve greater self-awareness and integration within the personality. This hypnosis is unlike “stage-hypnosis” during which people lose control. Here the client does not lose control at all. Clients who prefer not to go under hypnosis, are helped

through other forms of therapy.

EMDR is a quick path into the subconscious. It can release post traumatic stress, phobias, panic disorder, chronic pain and more, at times within as little as 2-5 sessions. 

Creative-Expressive Art in therapy  is fun for everyone, even for those who do not consider themselves to be creative at all (this is optional too). This type of therapy activates the right brain, which is a lot more connected to the subconscious than the left brain, hence, art therapy is a quick way to get to the issue. This type of therapy is also suitable for those who do not enjoy talk therapy.  Clients take home their creative work,  which facilitates long term memory of the intervention. Art therapy also facilitates new insights that the client may not have had before. 

Somatic Experiencing  allows for the activation of the nervous system in certain parts of the body, in which the sympathetic nervous system has 'frozen'. This is achieved through a specific form of mental focus and  often through specific body movements. This  removes trauma and stress which are stuck in the cells.

DBT is a form of therapy that is suited to people who are highly impulsive, who struggle to self-regulate their emotions, who exhibit rage and  lack of boundaries, I incorporate DBT into the program. 

I have  also specialized in HYPNOBIRTHING (hypnosis for childbirth), namely, helping moms give birth through hypnosis rather than through the usage of drugs. Hypnosis assists the birthing moms in having a shorter, easier, more comfortable and substantially less painful births. Rather than being  traumatic for both mom and baby, the birth is transformed into a calming experience.

Past life regression is another service I offer. It is appropriate for people who experience stuckness in this life time for no apparent reason. This kind of hypnosis may be able to resolve the 'riddle' and allow the clients to move on with their lives without the difficulty that was holding them back.

Bipolar clients: Over the years I  have helped many clients with bipolar disorder, both  adults and adolescents. I worked through the  model with them. All of these clients, improved dramatically. Within a few week of therapy, their psychiatrists had noticed their  incredible improvements and decided to start reducing medication.  After a year of therapy, they were emotionally balanced and they had  moved forward  to achieve their life goals.

I am passionate about working with people who have experienced a challenging childhood to help them heal, evolve and become the best person they can.

I work after hours and on Sundays. should you need more explanations on the way I work, you are welcome to message me. The best way to get hold of me is through WhatsApp. 

Therapists' training: I train therapists from all over the world in groups and one-on-one, in working with children, teens and adults.  In South Africa I have been training the Teddy Bear Clinic's therapists (a government institute for children and adolescents who experienced sexual abuse). I have also presented a training course for the "Koleinu" institute (the support center for victims of abuse). I presented training classes to therapists in Israel in using my therapeutic model. I also train and supervise therapists in performing thorough emotional assessments Through the assessment, all suppressed distress, fears and other issues come to light. I also train therapists in the correct method in which to give over parental-feedback and guidance.

check out my YouTube channel for more explanations and for free growth and  evolvement: 

My Fees


For international clients: In order to make this therapy accessible, I offer affordable rates, $130 per session or $1,000 for ten sessions.

For therapists: My one-on-one therapist-training price is $130 per session. You may try one session if you wish.

International clients:

I have many clients from different parts of the world. With these clients I use zoom or a video call. It works very well.  

At times, long-distance clients come to me for a full weekend for intensive work. This allows for quicker recovery and for the achievement of the client's goals in a shorter space of time. 


A testimonial letter from an over-seas client who came to me for a full weekend to experience  deep and intensive work, face to face, appears on the testimonial page, under the mane "Tali Glass".


Here is a testimonial letter from one of my online clients (this person can be contacted, just let me know):  

"After my first remote meeting via Skype with Dvori, I knew I had to continue working with her on my longstanding history of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Her expertise, passion, and understanding are conveyed online even better than those of any therapist I have spoken to in person over the past 15 years.

Since working with Dvori, I have greater self-understanding, -compassion and -regard than I've known possible in my adolescent and adult life. The holistic, practical approach that she has developed has taught me the first useful and helpful techniques I've found on my journey of self-healing. For the first time, I feel optimistic about my ability to fix and control my mental health and become the person I want to be and know I can be.

I am forever grateful to have found her."


Sandy, Las Vegas, NV, United States





+972 50 9159366 (Whatsapp and phone) 

Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef, Israel


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